Monday, 16 April 2012

Silver Fingerprint Jewellery Kits - How do they work?

Fingerprint jewellery kits, like baby casting kits, are becoming increasingly popular and a more affordable alternative to having your child's prints taken in a shop or studio.  Yet the outcome is likely to be just the same. 
As with home baby casting, kits are provided with instructions so that you can easily take the prints (fingerprints, handprints or footprints) from the comfort of your own home.  Not only does this cost you less but it is also much more convenient for you and your child.

What is the process?

1.       Once you have purchased your item of jewellery online, you will be sent a kit with instructions usually within 1-2 days, depending on the retailer.

2.       Using the kit you will take your child’s prints. 

a.      Fingerprints are taken using a putty like compound which is firmly moulded around the end of the finger, to take the print. 

b.      For Handprints and footprints, you will be sent an inkless print kit to take the prints.  You should be sent enough for a couple of attempts in case you are not happy with your first.

3.      Along with your kit you are usually sent an order form that asks you to confirm the charm shape that you would like, the details of the inscription and any other details such as alternate delivery address.

4.       You will be asked to send both the prints and order form back to the retailer.  At For Keep's Sake, we provide you with a pre-paid and addressed envelope, to make the process even easier. 

5.       Your unique piece of keepsake jewellery will then be specially hand crafted and returned to you within approx 2 weeks. Again this may vary according to the retailer.

What is the outcome?
There should be little difference in the final piece of jewellery between a home fingerprint kit and one where the prints have been taken in a shop or studio.  

The kits are designed for you to take a quality print of your little one and because the finished item is hand crafted by professional jewellery makers, the quality of the item will still be high.

Again the finish could vary across retailers, but we pride ourselves on creating fine pieces of jewellery that are lovingly made with exceptional attention to detail.

if you are looking to purchase, our fingerprint/ handprint / footprint jewellery starts at £32.00 and all of our charms are 99.9% silver.   If you have any questions, take a look at our Fingerprint Jewellery FAQs or feel free to Contact Us or Comment below.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

3 Easter Crafts and Keepsakes for You and The Kids to Enjoy!

Here are 3 fun Easter crafts to do with the kids if you're stuck in on a rainy day this Bank Holiday. Warning: different levels of skill and patience required!

No. 1: Handprint Baby Chick

I love this Handprint Baby Chick that featured on 'Handprint and Footprint Art Blog.  It's incredibly simply to do and makes a really cute keepsake.    Requires: I Background piece of paper, I Large yellow piece of paper or card, some small hands, paint and beady eyes. Patience Level: Low.

No.2: Fold Out Keepsake Booklet 

This one is another crafty keepsake for the kids. I love it and although it takes more time and effort to make, the children can use the time over the Easter break to get it filled, with comments and pictures from loved ones. The original post had thanksgiving in mind, but this could be used at any time.  Involves a lot of cutting and glueing.  Patience required: More than the last.  Source: Family Fun Go
No.3 : Easter Cupcakes.

And here's number there. OK - so not so much of a 'keepsake' and more of an "eatsake" but it still works for me!! Love these Easter Cupcakes. 
Requires: a complete recipe, available at the link below.
Patience Level: Probably the highest of the three, but the taste should make up for that!  Source: Family Fun Go

If you get a chance to do any of these - you can post your photos on our FB Page:

Have a great Easter!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter Gifts for My Kids - Mean Mum or Just Plain Sensible?!

Easter is only a couple of days away now and I thought I'd do something different for my girls this year. 

Aged 4 and 5, they certainly don't need ridiculous amounts of chocolate and sweets and I'm definately not in favour of that for several reasons:

-          Chocolate makes my children go hyper, with immediate effect. Fact.
-          I therefore limit the amount they can have. Fact.
-          Despite this everyone else still buys them lots. Fact.
-          Which means I spend the next few days and weeks (not months) munching my way through it all, piling on the pounds and then feeling pressured to exercise. Fact.

This Easter is going to be different and I can’t wait to give them their gifts.So what I have I bought?
On the chocolate front I’ve given in to a small Smarties’ Easter egg as well as one of these Minnie Mouse Easter Eggs - that is really more Minnie Mouse Mug than it is Egg (Strategic!). The girls will love their mugs and will definitely get use out of them. 

I’ve also got them a large colouring book each with lots of Easter themed colouring pages and activity sheets; crayons; stencils for painting their hard boiled eggs (ready for egg rolling) and as a special treat each I’ve bought them both a gorgeous little hand bag that I stumbled upon in Accessorize. 

My girls love personalised things and so I’m also in the process of making them each a personalised bag charm, to go with said bag and and a door sign.  I’m hoping the bag charms will be finished tonight but it’s more than unlikely that the door signs will take a little longer as they are going to be new designs for the website.  I’ll add pictures of both to this post, when they are complete.

I’m really excited about the Easter weekend and love the fact that it’s not ALL going to be about chocolate!  Admittedly this has cost more than buying a few chocolate eggs from a supermarket, but this way they still get to enjoy some chocolates and goodies, but also have presents that they can enjoy and use.  

What are you doing for Easter?  Have you gone down the Chocolate route or have you gone for something different? 

I’d love to hear your comments :o)

In the meantime, have a great Easter.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Ideas for a butterfly themed bedroom or nursery
If you fancy the idea of a butterfly theme for your little girl's bedroom or nursery and are looking for some inspiration - I've come across some beautiful things that would make a great addition.  Here's just a couple of them.....

I'm absolutely loving Ellie and Abbie's suggestions for creating your very own butterfly wall art.  These gorgeous pieces of artwork are not only an affordable way to accessorise the bedroom but they also look stunning.  Plus, because you can make them yourself you can completely taillor the colours and papers to match your decor.
I just love this little pink butterfly rocking chair, it's adorable.  And there's no doubt that if my girls were younger, I would be sat here looking at two of them right now! How cute would it look in the bedroom and how much would it be loved..?!

And last, but far from least, my absolute favourite is this beautiful butterfly bed.  It's so unusal and I have no doubt that the quality and workmanship is reflected in the price tag, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate it!  
If you want to see some of the other lovely butterfly themed bedroom ideas, take a peek at my Pinterest board dedicated specifically to this. Follow this link to have a look and if you want to see what else I come across, don't forget to follow the board:

You can also follow me (and so automatically follow all my boards) if you'd like.  If there's anything you come across that you'd like to share - please feel free to include a link in the comments and I will be more than happy to add it to my board.