Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Wedding Keepsake Frames - Finally!

Well, it's been a long time coming, but my wedding keepsakes frames have finally been made.  I've used two Empty Black Keepsake Frames, one with a twin aperture mount and the other with a single aperture mount.

For both keepsake frames I placed the photo and mount at the back of the frame so that I could display the items I wanted to keep, in front of them.

In keeping with the colour theme, I used a white mount and displayed: one of the thank you cards I had left (as this was smaller than the invitations but replicated the design); some of the imitation rose petals that we had used to scatter on the tables; and a small bunch of red roses to replicate the button holes for the men.

In the second frame I displayed some more of the rose petals, with a miniture bunch of white roses, used to replicate my bouquet and a snowflake table name card holder.

I used the same frames that I used to frame the baby foot casts I made of  my two children and so they all look fab together.

Don't forget to visit if you are looking for Empty Keepsake Frames to display special keepsakes of yours or if you are looking for Baby Casting Kits with or without frames.

We offer a range of frame colours and depths as well as mount and backing board colours.

Frames are £19.99 and baby casting kits start at £12.50 without a frame and £32.50 with a frame.