Monday, 23 November 2009

Keepsake Frames for Baby Shoes - What a fab idea!!

I've always had a thing for shoes. Shoes, shoes, shoes. I own so many pairs, but since having two little girls, I just don't get the opportunity to wear them out as much as I used to!!

So has having children numbed this obsession at all? Nope, it's simply evolved it - I now love baby shoes!!
So you can imagine how reluctant I am to either throw away my favourite beautiful baby shoes once they have been outworn, or hide them away in the loft for no-one to see - what's the point?

Instead I have opted for framing them! They look fantastic in deep box frames either on the wall or left to stand on a shelf or windowsill. But for me, they had to have a cool and contemporary feel to so that they would complement my modern home.

This is how our 'Keepsake Frames' were born, incidentally. Why stop at baby shoes? Not everyone has a thing for shoes. But most, if not all mums, will have something that is special to them that they are not quite ready to let go of. Hospital bracelets? Baby's first outfit? Little castings that they have made of their baby's hands or feet? Keepsake Frames are the way forward.

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