Tuesday, 28 August 2012

21 Baby Keepsakes Ideas - What to Keep!

Baby Keepsakes Ideas for Parents Creating Keepsakes
Everyone always says that time goes so fast when you have children and I never appreciated how true this was until I had my first child.  In a sleepy haze of 3 and 4 hour routines; drifting between feeds, changes and sleeps - time inevitably escapes you. 

They grow so fast and having those few special items that remind us of how tiny and precious they were can be really important. Not just for us parents, but also for the children.  When they are older, all of these special keepsakes and memories can be passed onto them to cherish.

So what kinds of things can you keep?  The answer is simple.  Anything.....anything that means something to you and reminds you of your child and your pregnancy.  One of my favourite keepsakes, for some reason is the car park ticket from the hospital when I went into labour with my first child.  It was left in the car for at least a couple of years before I rediscovered it - perhaps that's why it's special because I kept it by accident.  Either way I love it and still have it.

You can start collecting keepsakes from the first moment you find out your pregnant and then continue throughout the baby's childhood.  Here's our list of 21 keepsakes ideas:
  1. The positive pregnancy test
  2. Appointment cards given throughout the pregnancy - hospital and doctors.
  3. Scan photos
  4. Photo of mum's tummy in the last days of pregnancy
  5. Photo of the baby when it is first born
  6. Hospital ankle band    
  7. Hospital car park ticket
  8. First size nappy to remind you how small they were
  9. The card that was attached to the hospital cot
  10. Umbilical cord clip (some people even keep the umbilical cord stump... I admit I preferred the car park ticket)
  11. The outfit they wore when they came home from hospital
  12. A newspaper from the day the baby was born
  13. Their first Christmas bib / baby grow
  14. Imprints or casts of their tiny feet and hands
  15. Their first pair of shoes / booties
  16. All of the congratulations / new baby cards you were given
  17. Any item of baby clothing that was special or represented a special time to you. 
  18. Writing letters that record what the baby is doing, how she is growing etc as well as all my dreams for her future.
  19. Creating and keeping a scrapbook that includes photos, summaries and records milestones- or completing a record book that prompts you for the information.
  20. The first lock of hair
  21.  Copy of birth announcement cards (if sent out)
I'm sure you'll have a few of your own ideas and if you've got any to share, please do comment below.  We'd love to know, however obscure they might be ;o)


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Keepsake Ideas for Old Baby Clothes - Creating Memories

Keepsake Frames Memory Ideas Old Baby Clothes Dresses Babygrows
1.Keepsake Frames - Baby Clothes
My youngest is just about to start school and since I have no intentions of adding to the current brood, I have had to start thinking about what to do with the vast amounts of baby grows, gorgeous little clothes, Christmas bibs etc that have taken over not only our loft, but also my in-laws!

It's probably fair to say that I'm a hoarder but surely when it comes to those teeny tiny little outfits, that remind us just how small our children were, you can't blame me...?
Memory Keepsake Blankets Quilts Cushions Patchwork Baby Clothes
2.Memory Keepsake Quilt:Baby Clothes

So the first step is to be ruthless (or try to be) and only keep my most favourite and sentimental items. Next is to try and decide what to do with them..... 

Rather than leave them festering in the attic, I've come across some pretty creative ideas that could help me preserve those special memories and have a clear out:

1. Keepsake Frames.

An obvious answer is to frame them.  Whether it's the first baby grow, a tiny little dress or even your baby's first shoes, you can create a modern keepsake display simply using a deep shadow box frame.
Memory Keepsake Cushions from Baby Clothes Ideas
3. Keepsake Memory Scrap Cushion

2. Memory Keepsake Quilts / Blankets.
This idea is perfect if you have too many favourites items of clothing to frame.  Using from 15-20 items of your favourite clothing you can create a memory quilt or blanket that has an everyday use and that will become a special keepsake for your child and family heirloom .

3. Keepsake Memory Scrap Cushion. 

A really unique idea - this particular cushion uses a tree as the main image and cuts from the clothes as the leaves to create a colourful and modern, but also sentimental, keepsake cushion.

4. Padded Hanging Decorations / Bunting.
Baby Clothes Keepsake Memory Ideas - Stuffed Animals Hearts BUntingby Clothes Ideas

Following a similar theme, this next idea uses old clothes to create hanging Christmas decorations - they look fab and could be switched for padded hearts or bunting, made from baby clothes and hung in the child's bedroom or playroom!

5. Mini Dress Keepsake Frame.  
Another great idea for those of you with lots of clothes - create mini versions of your favourite dresses and frame them. You can even use some of the buttons and trim for your keepsake artwork.
Baby Memory Keepsake Ideas - Framed Dresses Baby Clothes
5. Mini Dress Keepsake Frame
6. Framed Sun Prints - Baby Clothes. 

And last but not least is another original idea which is great if you want to remember how tiny the clothes were but don't want to frame the clothes themselves. Using the clothes, sun and some special light sensitive paper you can re-create the clothes in bold realistic looking prints.

For more information on any of these ideas, please click on the links underneath all the images to see the original  blog posts and further information/ instructions/ tutorials for creating them.

Keepsakes Memory Ideas Old Baby Clothes Memories
6. Framed Sun Prints: Baby Clothes
If you are looking for frames to frame your keepsakes - visit www.forkeepssake.co.uk for a wide range of deep shadow box frames, designed specifically for keepsake displays.

And finally, If like me you are not too handy with a sewing machine but love the idea of having a keepsake memory quilt or blank made from your precious baby clothes, blankets and even comforters curtains and bedlinen, then watch this space. We have an exciting new range that is coming very very soon.....!

Thanks for reading.  Please share any comments or ideas you have - also if you've tried any of these we'd love to see some pics!


Saturday, 18 August 2012

10% off Wooden Wall Letters - Until Sunday!!

One of the most popular categories on our website is our unique range of handpainted wooden wall letters.  We have lots of designs, colours and sizes to choose from that are suitable for both babies and older children.

Ahead of launching some brand new products on the website, we wanted to celebrate some of our firm favourites, by offering you 10% off - this weekend only. 

Make sure you pop over to the site and have a look, as these wall letters would make fabulous gifts for birthdays, christenings and even Christmas (if you're that organised!!). 

They also make the perfect finish to a bedroom or nursery, if you are currently decorating or looking to.

You'll need to be quick though, offer ends Sunday 19th August!

See our range here:

All wooden wall letters
Wooden wall letters for boys
Wooden wall letters for girls 


Friday, 17 August 2012

Brand New Products Coming.... Very Soon!

We're really exciting to be launching some brand new product ranges to the website in the coming weeks!!  Some of these products are completely different to those that we already have on offer and without giving too much away, help to create a wonderful keepsake from some of the things that many of us are reluctant to throw away.

I think I've said enough for now - just watch this space...!

Our new product ranges come as part of our review of our website and the offering we have for our customers. We really want to focus on products that are handcrafted where possible; that are British made to support great businesses in our own country and that also support hard working mums and dads that have created a business from their table worktop out of their love and passion for what they do. 

There are so many wonderful businesses and craftspeople designing, creating and making across the country, it's simple breathtaking.  And many of these promise unique products that you simply can't find on the high street, at affordable prices and at great quality.  It's these businesses that we will be working with to expand the products that we can offer you and help you to find them all in one place.

So please do subscribe to the newsletter or this blog.  Follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook and you can make sure you are amongst the first to hear about it.

Looking for something?

If you are looking for something specific and haven't been able to find it - so long as it is related to our products, i.e. keepsakes and personalised gifts, then let us know - we'd be happy to look into it and you never know, we may be able to help you on your mission.

Looking to buy / sell handmade products & keepsakes?

If you run a craft business and believe your products could be a fit on our website, please get in touch.  And if you are interested in selling any of our handmade wooden wall letters, plaques and personalised canvas,  again please do get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

Whilst we're waiting to launch our new product ranges, we'll be running two offers on the website across two of our customers' favourite product categories - more on these in the next post!!


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Fingerprint Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Ideas

Fingerprints Handprint Footprint Plate - Keepsake Gift Ideas
There's something about a baby's tiny little feet or hands that make us all go gaga.  And something special about a fingerprint, that a one of a kind, truely unique mark, that can be left by an individual - irrespective of their age.  That's what makes fingerprints, handprints and footprints such popular keepsake themes.

With this in mind, we've gathered a few ideas for using fingerprints, handprints and footprints to create a special keepsake or gift that will be cherished.  Some of these you can buy through our website and others are simple but fantastic ideas that you can do at home.  We just had to share!

    Daddy & Me Fingerprint Mug

    Fingerprints Mug - Fingerprint Keepsake Gift Ideas for Dad
    This one is also great and something you could do at home with a plain mug and some enamel paint.

    If you'd prefer you could visit a local pottery pals (or similar ceramics painting workshpp/shop) and do it in one of their shops.

    I came across this on on Kaboose: read more.

    fingerprint jewellery silver fingerprints handprint charms jewelry
    Fingerprint / Handprint / Footprint Jewellery.  

    Probably one of the most obvious keepsakes when it comes to this particular theme, but it still deserves a mention as it is such a special keepsake.

    I love my fingerprint bracelet, it carries such sentiment and is a beautiful contemporary piece of jewellery.  More information / to purchase silver fingerprint handprint jewellery

    Handprints or Footprints On a Poem.

    Handprint Art Artwork Kids Baby Keepsake Gift Idea - Make it Yourself
    I Love this idea and it's certainly a keepsake I'll be keeping hold of.

    My daughter brought it home from nursery for a Mother's Day present - one of the best I've had so far.

    It was printed on card and laminated to keep it safe.

    Footprints on Canvas & Personalised.  

    This is an easy idea that you can create yourself.  When I say easy, I really mean that it's easy to get the materials you need, trying to get your baby or child to keep still whilst paint may be quite another story.  But there's some really helpful tips on Pippa's Long Stockings Blog.

    Wedding Guest Book Finger Print Tree. 

    Fingerprints Fingerprint Wedding Guest Book Keepsake Idea
    I have only come across these recently and there seem to be a fair few on the market.

    I love them, such a brilliant idea and had they been around when I got married, I definately would have used one.

    This particular one can be found on Esty here.

    3d baby casting kits foot hand cast  

    Baby Hand / Foot Casts & Imprints.  

    There are so many on the market, this is such a popular gift to give to new parents.  There are lots of hand and feet imprints, but I much prefer the 3d casts - they are so lifelike and magically recreate the size and detail of a baby or child's hands or feet.  They are wonderful and can be done using baby casting kits at home, which is costs much less to getting them cast in a studio. More information / to purchase baby casting kits.

    Finally there is an abundance of ideas for handprints, footprints and fingerprints on the Handprint and Footprint Blog.  Take a look and I'm sure you will find a unique idea for inspiration.

    As always, we'd love to hear your comments and any ideas that you may have for creating keepsakes with your hands, feet or fingerprints.


    Friday, 10 August 2012

    Fingerprint Handprint Jewellery for Men! New!

    Silver Fingerprint Handprint jewellery Cufflinks  Men Him Gifts
    Silver Fingerprint Cufflinks Keepsakes
    We've been busy adding lots of lovely new keepsakes and gifts to the website over the last couple of weeks and as we continue through August, it's unlikely that this will slow down!

    If you want to be kept up to date with new designs, products and finds - don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter - particularly for inspiration in the lead up to (dare I say it).... Christmas.

    Some of our latest products include more silver fingerprint jewellery for Him!!   We realise that our collection has been somewhat bias towards the ladies, with only fingerprint handprint cufflinks for men, so we've added a few more products just for them!

    Silver fingerprint handprint jewellery him dog tags keepsake
    Silver Fingerprint Handprint Dog Tags
    This handcrafted silver handprint / footprint dog tag would make the perfect keepsake gift for Dad, Granddad or God Father. 

    It costs £47.50 for a handprint/ footprint Leather Dog Tag or £42.50 for a silver fingerprint leather dog tag.  Please make sure you purchase the correct item as they required different kits.  To Purchase:

                Silver Handprint / Footprint Leather Dog Tag
                Silver Fingerprint Leather Dog Tag.

    Silver Fingerprint Handprint jewellery Dog Tags Men Him Gifts
    Silver Handprint Footprint Dog Tag Keyring
    If that special man in your life is not someone who wears a chain (be it silver or leather) then this dog tag keyring could be the perfect gift. 

    It costs £43.50 for a handprint keyring or £38.50 for a fingerprint keyring.  Please purchase the correct item as they required different kits. You will choose the charm shape when you return your kit and order form.  To Purchase:
    Silver Fingerprint Handprint jewellery Dog Tags Men Him Gifts
    Silver Handprint Footprint Dog Tag

    And last but not least, this silver dog tag comes on a 24inch ball chain - another lovely keepsake gift for Daddy, Granddad or a God Father.

    It costs £47.50 for a handprint dog tag or £42.50 for a fingerprint dog tag.  Please make sure you purchase the correct item as they required different kits.  To Purchase:

                Silver Handprint / Footprint Ball Chain Dog Tag
                Silver Fingerprint Ball Chain Dog Tag.

    We hope you like these fab new gifts for men - we thought it was only fair to let them have a special keepsake that they can wear too!!  See our full range of silver fingerprint / handprint jewellery here.

    ** Disclaimer: We only produce HIGH QUALITY keepsake jewellery, all of our charms are 99.9% SILVER and handcrafted to the FINEST detail - ensuring that you are left with a gift that you can always treasure. **

    We just thought you should know that ;o)

    FKS xx

    Thursday, 9 August 2012

    For Keeps Sake on "From Britain with Love"

    You will now find For Keep's Sake featured on FromBritainWithLove.com, an on line guide that is dedicated to finding unique, original and beautiful things that are all Made In Britain! 

    The website celebrates all businesses that make British products, whether they operate from studios, workshops, factories or even their home kitchen worktops.

    If you've not visited it before, we definitely recommend checking it out.  There are lots of different categories in their directory including Homewares, Garden, Gifts, Baby & Child and more...and products range from beautiful handmade gifts to locally sourced food and original products for the home.

    What better way to support small and local businesses in your own country than to Buy British! Why not join us and say NO to mass produced and say YES to home grown talent.

    Do you buy British?  Or do you know of any British supporting websites that are worth a share?  Please feel free to comment and leave links below xx

    Tuesday, 7 August 2012

    Wooden Wall Letters - Sweet Dreams for Nursery or Bedroom

    I've had some unpainted MDF letters spelling "Sweet Dreams" laid across my utility room worktop for at least 3 weeks now, begging to be decorated.  They were for my girls' bedroom wall, but because everything else is always more of a priority it's taken me a while to get around to painting them. 

    BUT I've finally done it and I'm, really pleased with how they look.  In fact I couldn't be more pleased (*slightly* smug grin), things don't always turn out exactly how I picture them, but they did in this case. 

    Wooden Wall Letters Pink Sweet Dreams Nursery Girls
    Wooden Wall Letters - Sweet Dreams Rose Buds & Beads

    They both already have their names across the top of their beds, both with a butterfly theme so I wanted to create something different for their Sweet Dreams.  I decided on rose buds and white beads as it matched perfectly with my older daughters bedsheets, which is the bed you see when you walk into the room.

    The wall space is quite large so I went for 20cm high letters so together they take up a lot of room.  Sweet is 86cm long and Dreams is 113cm long, so I'd only recommend this size if you do have the space (unless you are only using one name / word). 
    Wooden Wall Letters Pink Sweet Dreams Nursery Girls
    Wooden Wall Letters - Sweet Dreams Rose Buds & Beads
    Wooden Wall Letters Pink Sweet Dreams Nursery Girls
    Wooden Wall Letters - Pink Rose Buds

    So, what do you think?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.  I'll post some more pictures up when they are up on the wall (which let's face it, could take another 3 weeks!).  I have plans for said wall, so would be good to see if that works out as it should too ;o).


    P.S If you're looking for wooden wall letters - don't forget to check our website - we have loads of different designs, colours and sizes:
    P.P.S And lots of other lovely handmade gifts and keepsakes!  www.forkeepssake.co.uk

    Sunday, 5 August 2012

    Nursery Ideas: Wooden Wall Letters

    Wooden letters add the perfect finish to any nursery or child's bedroom.  Once you have decided on the style and theme of your nursery, why not personalise it? What child wouldn't love to see their name across their bedroom wall?

    We have a range of high quality, hand painted wooden letters - in lots of different designs, colours and sizes so we are sure we'll have something to suit. 

    What's more - we offer different colour options on all of our designs so that you can match them perfectly to the nursery or bedroom decor.  In fact we can paint the letters pretty much any colour, so can offer you a truly bespoke product. 

    For the Girls - Wooden Wall Letters.

    Wooden Wall Letters Ideas for Nursery Girls Bedroom Baby
    Pink Butterfly Wooden Wall Letters

    LEXI. These gorgeous wooden letters are painted pale pink and come with butterflies and white flower bead trails. 

    They can be painted almost any colour and we have a selection of colours for the butterflies - to help you match the letters perfectly to your decor.

    Wooden Wall Letters Ideas for Nursery Girls Bedroom Baby
    Hot Pink Fairy Wooden Wall Letters
    ELISA. These fairy themed wooden letters come in hot pink as standard, but can be painted almost any colour - however the fairy colours can not be changed and the hearts are only available in pink and lilac. 

    We have sold these letters in green with the same decorations and they have been well received. Other colour options could include pale pink, purple/ lilac or candy pink.

    Wooden Wall Letters Ideas for Nursery Girls Bedroom Baby
    Free Standing Beige Bow Button Wooden Letters
    AVA.  These stylish free standing letters are currently available in one size - 15cm high with a thickness of 18mm (which is very chunky). 

    They will look beautiful perched on a shelf, windowsill or chest of drawers.  The letters can be painted any colour and the decorations are available in beige (as shown), pink and blue.
    Wooden Wall Letters Ideas for Nursery Girls Bedroom Baby
    Green & Pink Butterfly Heart Wooden Letters

    FREYA.  We love these green and pink letters, they look great especially if you are looking to get away from just pink.  

    Whilst the decorations are not available in any other colour, the letters can be painted different colours - the most common requests have included white, hot pink, candy pink and pale pink.
    Wooden Wall Letters Ideas for Nursery Girls Bedroom Baby
    Candy Pink Bow Wooden Wall Letters
    BELLA.  Our pink bow letters will look beautiful in a baby or little girls bedroom. 

    Again you can request pretty much any letter colour and we have bows available in pink, beige and blue.

    For the Boys - Wooden Wall Letters.

    Wooden Wall Letters Ideas for Nursery Girls Bedroom Baby
    Blue Animal Wooden Wall Letters
    ZAC.  Our lovely animal themed letters look great and make a bright and fun addition to a little boy's bedroom or nursery.  You can of course buy these letters for a little girl as well, as the letters can be painted any colour.  Animals are subject to stock and we will use what we believe works best for the colour and shape of the letter. (See red letters at the end of this post).
    Wooden Wall Letters Ideas for Nursery Girls Bedroom Baby
    Blue Sea Theme Wooden Letters

    Archie.  This is one of our new designs using a different font and uppercase and lowercase letters. 

    These letters are a great fit for a sea or boat themed bedroom or nursery - or even just to add a splash of colour and fun to a bedroom.

    Wooden Wall Letters Ideas for Nursery Girls Bedroom Baby
    Blue Space Theme Wooden Letters
    LEO.  Our space themed wall letters have been a firm favourite over the years and continue to be very popular. 

    These also look great in Royal Blue if you feel that navy blue is too dark and in red.  Decorations remain the same.
    Wooden Wall Letters Ideas for Nursery Girls Bedroom Baby
    Blue Stars Wooden Letters

    FINLAY.  Our simple pale blue letters decorated in stars are perfect for a modern, less is more, bedroom or nursery. 

    They look lovely on the wall but can also be painted in any colour with either the pale blue and clear stars, or white and clear stars.

    Wooden Wall Letters Ideas for Nursery Girls Bedroom Baby
    Green Dinosaur Wooden Wall Letters
    JOEL.  Perfect for any dinosaur lover.  These letters can be painted with or without the spots and come with a dinosaur on each letter.  Letters can be painted any colour and the dinosaurs are also made from mdf, so can be painted any colour too. 

    Wooden Wall Letters Ideas for Nursery Girls Bedroom Baby
    Red Animal Wooden Wall Letters

    I hope this post has helped give you some ideas for your child's nursery or bedroom.  We haven't included all of our letters here so please do visit the website to see the complete range of wooden wall letters

    We also sell name plaques, personalised canvases and much much more if you are looking for a special gift for Christmas, Christenings, Birthdays or New Babies.  And remember, if there is something specific you would like - just ask and we'd be happy to look into it for you.


    Lots of Love
    FKS x

    Friday, 3 August 2012

    Creating Keepsakes and Display Ideas for Kids Artwork

    I assume I'm not alone when I find myself overloaded with 'artwork' and special pictures that my children have drawn and want to keep.  And it seems to come from all directions - from nursery and school (especially at the end of term), from when they've been with grandparents and lots more created at home!  And whilst the sheer volume of artwork is impressive, it's starting to take over my house.

    So what do I do with it all? 

    Don't get me wrong, there are some amazing drawings and I'm really proud of them and what they can do BUT my house can't cope with it.  And it's only going to increase.

    So I've been looking into ideas for artwork storage and creating artwork keepsakes (combined with the recycling method and handing out to relatives, godparents and friends....etc!).

    Artwork Canvases - Make Them Yourself!

    Artwork Canvases
    This is one that I'm going to attempt in their playroom.  I've already promised myself that I'll also create these with photos, so at the same time, I think I'll choose some of their favourite pieces of work with them, scan them and do the same with them. 

    But with the artwork I'll paint the sides different colours to match the playroom decor and perhaps compliment the masterpiece itself.  

    You can see the original post by Literally Inspired here.

    Acrylic Artwork Keepsake Blocks

    Acrylic Artwork Blocks
    I love these, they are a great idea and will keep the pictures in tact.  They look modern and are even child friendly so they will be able to pick them up and look at them.

    And of course you'll be able to update and change the pictures.  I came across these on a website called Artful Kids - you can buy them here.


    Artwork Transferred onto Magnetic Noticeboard

    Personalised Noticeboards
    This idea is perfect for a favourite drawing that you would love to keep on display. 

    It would make a perfect gift for parents or grandparents and as well as being a keepsake - it has an every day use! 

    This is a truly unique idea and you can buy one here *disclaimer* through our own website ;o).

    Clever Artwork Collage - Make It Yourself

    Artwork Collage Display
    I love this display - it looks modern, bright and stylish and the artwork displays are a perfect fit with the gorgeous photos of the two boys. 

    The artwork frames on their own would look as good and this is another that I am going to attempt for the playroom (will stop planning and start doing.... one day soon!)

    The lady behind this used photoshop to create the collage of artwork - you can read the original post here

    Artwork Display on a Line - Make It Yourself

    Artwork on a line!

    Another fab idea and so simple - anyone could do this.  It's also a great way of showing lots of different drawings and paintings that can be easily changed.  I love the pegs and even more so love the quote in the bottom image.

    You can visit the original blogs via the caption links underneath the images.

    Artwork Display on Line
    What do you think of these ideas?  Do you have any other suggestions?  We'd love to hear them!