Friday, 23 November 2012

Silver Fingerprint & Handprint Jewellery - What is the minimum & maximum age for prints?

We are often asked about the minimum and maximum ages for our fingerprint / hand print jewellery. The answer is actually different for both, as we use a different process for collecting the prints. 

Fingerprint Jewellery

Fingerprint kits include a putty like substance which is pressed onto and molded around the finger to create the print impression.  The print that is transferred onto the charm is the exact replica of the print taken - so the finished print will look identical.  

Each child is different and develops at their own rate, but generally speaking their fingerprints don't become properly defined until they are around 6 months.  We therefore recommend that customers wait until a baby is 6 months old before taking a fingerprint - or that the customer takes a handprint or footprint instead.
Handprint / Footprint Jewellery 

There is much more flexibility with the handprint / footprint jewellery.  These require a (mess-free) inkless print kit
to take the print - which is then shrunk to size, to fit the charm.   There is therefore no minimum or maximum age for handprint / footprint jewellery, it can be used for new borns, through to 100+ year olds!   This means you can even use two prints on the one charm, which is not possible for fingerprint jewellery.

If you already have a print (that you can email or post) we can even use this to produce your silver hand print or footprint jewellery. 

For more information on fingerprint / hand print jewellery please visit our website.


Monday, 19 November 2012

Getting slightly carried away with Christmas! Personalised decorations - Handmade Monday

Cheeky personalised gingerbread men
We're certainly feeling the lead up to Christmas, so much so that this is my first Handmade Monday post in a few weeks. 

As well as getting busier with Christmas orders, we've also been attending lots of fairs, markets and shopping events, as well as creating lots of new designs for our range of personalised Christmas decorations.

You may remember a post a while back, showcasing the first of our decorations - these have been really popular, particularly our cute reindeer:

Personalised Reindeer

At our customers' requests we have also created a range of personalised Christmas tree decorations.

Personalised Angel Tree Decoration

Personalised Gingerbread Man Tree Decoration

Personalised Snowman Tree Decoration
Personalised Reindeer Tree Decoration

Personalised Black & Silver Star Tree Decoration

Personalised White Cut-Out Star Tree Decoration

Personalised White Cut-Out Star Tree Decoration
Personalised Elf Heart Tree Decoration - we have male and female Elves!

One of my daughters even came up with this design, whilst fiddling around with my stock whilst my back was turned...... perhaps we'll have her working for us when she's older, we've already sold a few of them!!

Personalised Red & Silver Star Tree Decoration

We have lots more Personalised Christmas Decorations on the website, as I said, we have got slightly carried away with Christmas this year.  But have also loved every minute of it.

Lastly, I wanted something different for my two girls that we could bring out every year and use in either their bedroom, playroom or our lounge - so I made them each a free standing Christmas name plaque:

So yes, been very busy (much like the sound of everyone else on Handmade Monday) and are preparing to (hopefully!) get even busier, before a much needed Christmas break!

Must be time to start warming the mulled wine and mince pies....

Monday, 12 November 2012

Silver Fingerprint Handprint Jewellery - Christmas Deadlines

Due to an overwhelming demand for our silver fingerprint / hand print jewellery, we are currently working on a 21 day turnaround (extended from our usual 14 day turnaround) and we have had to move the Christmas delivery cut-off forward.

*** Christmas Deadlines ***

If you are looking to buy a piece of silver fingerprint / hand print / footprint jewellery for a gift this Christmas you will need to make your purchase by 12pm 19th November 2012.

We will despatch your kit within 24 hours and you will need to return your prints by 30th November 2012 to guarantee delivery of your finished item before Christmas. 

Completed prints returned after this date will not be made until January 2013. Please bear in mind when returning your prints that we are already noticing delays with the postal system.

Thank you
FKS xx