Friday, 25 February 2011

NEW! Mirror Door Names

Our acrylic mirror letters and shapes are so popular we thought we'd put them together to make unusual door names - what do you think?

Now available to buy with flowers, hearts or butterflies for girls.  And for boys: rockets, aeroplanes and stars.

We can arrange for most shapes to be cut though - so for any specific requirements, please just get in touch :o)

Boys Door Names
Girls Door Names

Monday, 14 February 2011

More Pewter Christening / Baptism and New Baby Gifts

Fabulous and unique gifts, offering messages of luck and love to a new baby or child being christened/ baptised. 

Pewter Wishing Hearts: Gift contains 5 small pewter hearts each with a wish engraved.  Wishes are: Hope, Health, Happiness, Wishes and Success 

Pewter Wishing Pebbles: Gift contains 5 small pewter pebbles each with a wish engraved.  Wishes are: Peace, Joy, Luck, Dreams and Friendship. 

See the rest of our range of pewter gifts or visit our website to view our complete range of personalised gifts and keepsakes for children.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

New! Girls Animal Wooden Wall Letters

Here's a sneaky glimpse at a couple of new animal designs that are going to be added to the website imminently.  The letters are 20cm high, 12mm thick and painted light blue or red - although we can paint almost any colour, on request.  Animals are not limited to those pictured in the photos - you can choose whichever animals you want to use from the image below.  A fab way to add a splash of colour to a room - little girls are sure to love them !!


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Wooden Letters - Not just for kids names

Wall letters can be used to spell pretty much anything you want and do not have to be limited to a child's name.  Here's one that a customer recently requested, 20cm white letters with butterflies spelling "Zzz" to go above her daughters bed.  I'm sure it's made a gorgeous accessory to the nursery.  Other ideas include "dream" "sleep", "princess" - you can let your imagination run wild.

Another customer requested Story Time in the Mirror chain letter wall letters and another customer wanted a phrase from a nursery rhyme in 5cm acrylic letters.  These are just some ideas, but really the options are endless.  You can choose any design or any type of letter to make any word or words that you desire.  See links for more information and prices:

Girls Wooden Letters, Boys Wooden Letters, All Wall Letters

Monday, 7 February 2011

Wooden wall letters - the chunkier, the better

Well, that's what we think anyway.  Whether you're using the letters to spell a child's name on a bedroom or nursery wall or a word to decorate a space in the hallway or living room, using chunky wooden letters will give extra impact making them stand out even more on the wall.  A much more effective finish!

All of our wooden letters are made from 12mm thick mdf.  This is twice the thickness of most other sellers, but having created and compared the two sizes, I can reassure you that these look much better.

They can be made thicker, but it becomes much more costly to buy; make and post - however, as always, we'd always be happy to try and acommodate bespoke requests.

Visit the website to see our complete range of beautiful handmade wooden wall letters or for bespoke requests (any word, phrase or design) please get in touch.

** Addition: February 2012 - We are now offering both 6mm and 12mm thicknesses to give our customers the choice.  So if you are feeling the pinch and want stunning looking letters for less - check out our website and choose the 6mm thickness.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

January's Most Unusal Names for Boys and Girls

Creating personalised gifts and keepsakes gives an interesting insight into some of the more unusual names out there.  We thought we'd share with you, each month, some of the lovely and unusual names we come across both for boys and for girls.

January's most unusual girls names included Ellicia and Larissa, with the most popular names being Ella and Lilly (which was a surprise as Ava is usually a firm favourite each month!).

For the boys, we loved Zayan and Cassius. Jack (much like Ava) is one of the favourites for boys and was the most popular name for us in January.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Dylan - Boys Pale Blue Stars, Wooden Wall Letters

One of this week's makes... Dylan.  15cm pale blue wooden wall letters with stars, for boys. Price is per letter - see website for more information, size options and prices.
More information