Saturday, 27 February 2010

Tips for Baby Keepsake Frames. 1. Choosing the Keepsake and Frame

If you like the idea of framing something special and sentimental to you, but don't know where to start, here's a few basic tips to help out.  Since my website is geared to babies and children, this is where I will focus, but the same tips will apply to anything.

1) Choosing the keepsake.  What is important to you?  Do you have something in particular that reminds you of cherished times or a special occasion?  For children this might be christening gifts that end up getting hidden away in a box, or a baby's first shoes, a comforter, the hospital band, a first nappy, 3d baby castings, a booty.....
2) Making sure you get a frame that fits.  If you are buying one of our empty keepsake frames, you will need to measure the items prior to purchase to make sure they will fit.  Depth is probably the most important factor here as it can be the most restrictive.  We have a range of deep box frames in three different depths.

3) Mount or no mount... that is the question.  How do you want your keepsakes displayed?  Are you going for a less is more approach and framing a lone item?  If so a mount would look great.  If on the other hand you have several items to frame and you need the extra space, then you probably won't need the mount.  If you do decide on mount, you can get more than one opening to split the display (e.g. photo on one side and a shoe on another). 

4) Choosing the frame colour and style.  Where is the frame going to be displayed?  Which room?  Do you want it to stand on a shelf or windowsill or hung on a wall?  What decor will it need to match?  By considering all of these questions, you will narrow down the colour and style that you are looking for.

Check out our website to view our range of deep shadowbox style frames (Empty Keepsake Frames) that have been designed specifically to display baby keepsakes.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

New Additions: Personalised Name Frames For Girls and Boys

The latest additions to our range of 3D Name Frames are: Purple and Lilac Butterfly Name for Girls, and A Space Themed Name Frame for Boys. 
Don't forget you can find our complete range of 3D Name frames at  Our name frames make perfect unique gifts for christenings, birthdays, new babies or "just because".

New Personalised Canvas Names for Girls

More new products at For Keep's Sake!  As we move, what seems to be very quickly!, into 2010 we are constantly adding new designs and products to our rapidly expanding website.  We are listening to our customers and many of these new items are a direct result of customer feedback and even some bespoke requests or alterations to existing products.  So please, do keep your feedback and requests coming as we are more than happy to try and accomodate anything that you are specifically looking for. 

So, back to our newest additions, these are two canvas names.  The first in green and pink, decorated with a mixture of hearts and butterflies and the second in lilac with a single purple sparkling butterfly.  
These canvas names are hand crafted and made to order, so each is unique.  They are created from a box canvas measuring 20cm by 20cm and each features a 3D wooden letter, to add to its impact.  We can make these canvases larger, measuring either 25x25 or 30x30 but do not have these currently listed on the website.  If you are interested in a larger canvas please just email us at

These two canvas names are now available for purchase on our website:

Green and Pink Canvas Name - Butterflies and Hearts

Lilac Butterfly Canvas Name

Saturday, 13 February 2010

New: Large Wooden Animal Wall Letters for Boys' Bedroom

Do you think that your little boy's bedroom or nursery is missing something but you're not sure what?  Are you trying to find something that will help to brighten up the room without having to buy a range of expensive bedroom accessories?

If so then you should check out our new animal wooden wall letters available at  These fun wall letters are our latest new addition and are an excellent way to add a touch of colour to any bedroom wall - kids will love them. 

These wooden wall letters are 20cm high and 12mm thick - we use thicker letters than most other companies as the extra depth creates a more obvious 3D effect.  We hand paint each letter and then varnish them for extra protection.  You can buy enough letters to make up the child's name or if space or budget is tight, why not use the child's initials or have a look at our  range of larger single wooden letter names. 

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Brand New Products: Girls 10cm Wooden Wall Letters

We've already told you about our new range of boys 10cm wooden wall letters, so here's a post about our new girls 10cm wooden wall letters.

Visit our website to see the current range of designs and remember that we can adapt any design for any sized letter.  So if you see a design you like in the 15cm or 20cm size, but want it in the 10cm size, let us know.

Likewise if you like a design but want the colours adapted to match specific decor, we will be happy to do that.  Just email us and we'll advise how to go about ordering.  Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Looking for good value bedding for a nursery or kids bedroom?

Tip - If you're looking for some good value nursery bedding and don't mind about (very) limited choice - Dunelm Mill is a good place to look. The shop itself represents excellent value for money on most products. 

I love their nursery bedding as not only is it good value, but I like the styles that they choose and rather than trying to sell it all in a bundle, you can buy whichever separates you like!  This could make it more expensive than buying a bundle if you choose to purchase everything (admittedly I've not worked this out), but it gives you the flexibility and choice of just buying what you need!

They also have some lovely kids bedding so have a look.  And don't forget, once you've chosen the bedding, check out our website ( for personalised accessories.  We welcome bespoke requests and are happy to adapt any design to fit with the decor of your child's bedroom or nursery.

Brand New Products: Boys 10cm Wooden Wall Letters

We've been busy adding lots of brand new products to our website:  Some of these latest additions include Boys 10cm wooden wall letters. 

We've come up with various designs, the colours of which can be changed according to customer requirements.  And of course, most of our designs can be adapted for different sized letters. 

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Hobbey Craft - Friend or Foe?!

That time has come again - time to go to hobbeycraft.  I've been putting it off for as long as possible, as every time I quickly 'nip in' I emerge an hour and a half later later having spent a fortune.  There's just too much to look at and everything is soooo tempting.  It's always an inspiring visit as it ends up giving me loads of ideas, but at a cost!! 

So I still need to decide whether to look forward to it, or to fear it....

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Richard Branson for BusinessDay

I came across an article written by Richard Branson today, for the BusinessDay website, that I thought I'd share.  I find him absolutely fascinating anyway and if asked who inspired me the most in life, when it comes to business, it would have to be him.  I admire Richard Branson for who he is and am astounded by what he has managed to achieve throughout his life, sometimes against all odds.

His article talks about the 'bad times' being the best times to start a venture and dips into his own experiences.  It's an interesting read and gives some good advice/ tips.  Some of my favourite comments inclue:
  • "Throughout my career I have made decisions using instinct, but have also worked very hard at making those decisions work"
  • "Businesses need to be innovative, maintain a certain quality, be value for money and have a sense of fun"
  • "A good business idea needs hard work, determination (a little luck) to succeed"
  • "A good entrepeneur looks for solutions, not excuses"
Click here to read the article.  Hope you find it as interesting as I did.

Monday, 1 February 2010

For Keep's Sake's: Top Tips for Baby Casting

Having helped a friend to create a cast of her babies feet at the weekend, with one of our baby casting kits, I thought I would write a blog this week to inclue a few very useful tips.  So here they are:

1) Read the instructions fully before starting. If you're anything like me you'll have an allergy to instructions (I never seem to "have time" to read instructions).  But I guarentee that the whole process will be easier if you know what it involves and what you need beforehand.

2) Be organised.  Whilst the baby casting kits can be used by any 'first timer' you need to be organised and have everything you need at your fingertips.  Because the moulding alginate sets quite quickly you need to move swiftly.  Measure out all the required power and water before you are ready to make a start.

3) Have something ready to distract the baby or toddler when you are ready to create the mould.  This really comes down to how old the child is. Children are wriggly and some may not enjoy the process simply because you are putting one of their nice little warm feet into a bag or container full of cold gloopy mixture.  If they are old enough you can explain what you are doing ('making your foot'!) but if they are young it may help to have the television on, a treat to chew on, music and singing - anything that makes them feel comfortable and distracted!.

4) Feet are easier to cast than hands.  Babies naturally clench their fists which doesn't always look attractive and because the fingers are so small, lots of air bubbles can get trapped, meaning that the cast can end up with holes (although these can be filled once the cast has set).

5) Be Patient.  If you are new to this it might require a practice run first as it can take some getting used to.  But you will be provide with enough material to create several baby casts so don't worry.

If you've not already tried it but fancy giving it a go - visit our website to see the baby casting kit and frame choices available. Good Luck!