Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Feeling organised? Then maybe it's time to sort through that abundance of old baby clothes and create a beautiful keepsake...

The start of a New Year tends to bring out the organized side in many of us, whether it be re-organising the kitchen cupboards, making room in the playroom / bedroom for the abundance of new toys or the arduous task of re-arranging the attic.

So what better time than now, to start sifting through all those old baby clothes that you haven't had the heart to let go of, but you know won't ever be worn again.

Even worse, you are unlikely to ever see them, except in the instance that you are organising the attic!

We wouldn't suggest being ruthless and giving them all away but instead why not pick your absolute favourites and consider turning them into a stylish patchwork quilt, blanket or cushion full of special memories for you and your child?

That way those pre-loved baby clothes that had been gathering dust in the attic can be transformed into a family heirloom that can be seen and treasured every day?

Just a thought.........


For more information see: Memory Quilts & Blankets  

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